Microprocessor controlled data acquisition system ( CSC and TMC series)


Our company produces two acquisition systems: MTL-CSC series acquisition system and MTL-TMC series acquisition system; Both two systems adopt Double-line acquisition or Single-line acquisition to acquisition batteries voltages. According to the different production requirements of manufactures, MTL-CSC series acquisition system mainly adopts box production process, flexibility, Convenient on-site; This system is mainly used for single battery on-line detection and is suitable for the requirements of batteries capacity of screening, batch and so on; MTL-TMC series acquisition system mainly adopts drawer production process, and make drawer and tester agencies into a whole , highly structured,   is mainly used for the voltage acquisition of batteries which are used for detection experiments. The two systems are only different from production process, performance, internal and external each port connection all the same;

  • Using professional industrial control ,data processing speed, the system is stable and reliable;
  • Using high-speed parallel acquisition mode, no time interval, data accurately;
  • Acquisition system modularization ,reliable near the battery, save costs and save wiring;
  • Acquisition system with the charge and discharge machine or testing machine ,can set plate formation , on-line testing ,capacity screening or batteries testing at an organic whole ,high production efficiency。

With the charging and discharging machine or testing machine, suitable for need of capacity, batch screening or test large/medium/small size batteries.

  • Acquisition batteries  voltages, display the single acquisition battery voltage on the computer;
  • Connect to computer, the acquisition data automatic upload and preserve, to prevent accidental loss of data;
  • Acquisition voltage data can be printed into report ,convenient data analysis;
  • Can achieve multi-machine networking, resource sharing;
  • Total voltage control limit:  0~full scale ( See nameplate )
  • Single battery voltage control limit :  0~25V
  • Precision of single battery voltage: ≤±0.2%F.S  (F.S : Single                      battery voltage )
  • Acquisition set minimum time interval: 1S
  • Precision of time: ≤±10S/24H
  • Collection points voltage configuration options: 1~24 points(Each loop)