Portable Charge & Discharge Machine


Apply to charge & discharge large/medium/small size lead acid batteries,especially suitable for the battery recharging which are store after three months.

  1. Microcomputer controlled. Command, current, voltage, run steps, run-time can display by the LCD and can be connected with the PC
  2. Easy to operate. Programming, checking, start, stop and other operations can be operated on the control panel, can also download a computer program to operate.
  3. Intelligent control, such as overcharging / over discharging can be avoided
  4. Discharge feedback back to power grids
  1. Multiple protectfunction such as  over-current, over-voltage, anti-polar, missing phase, short circuit, and no-current;
  2. Data can save after power off and auto resumework when power on, can be truly realized unattended;
  3. Procedures can be set freely and the CPU can store 9 different models of battery technology for the production recalling;
  4. With constant voltage, constant current, constant voltage with limited current, constant current with limited voltage and time, standing by ,recycle and other work methods;
  5. More operation as running, stopping, pause, jumpingand lifting disconnection etc
  6. Data resources can be shared by computer work-group
Model Output Voltage (V) Output Current (A) Loop (L) Max can charge 11pcs 12Volt batteries at the same time
MTL-CSA200V/20A 200 20 1