CPVD Series

The tubular positive electrode and the paste-type negative electrode have good corrosion resistance and effectively prevent the positive active material from falling off, and the high current discharge and deep discharge recovery performance are high. It adopts PVC-Si02 imported separator for European colloidal battery, which has large hole ratio, low resistance and small internal resistance. Battery cycle durability is approximately double that of AGM. The special imported tank cover and the multi-column sealing technology developed by the company for many years ensure the reliable sealing of the pole and long service life, and no leakage or dryness. The special high-speed and high-precision matching system designed by our company is used in the production process, so that the capacity and voltage consistency of the battery before leaving the factory are much higher than the national standard. The products have reached or better than the German DIN40742 standard and IEC60892- 2 standard.