Vacuum Acid filing machine for Electric Vehicle (bicycle) batteries

◆ Microcomputer control technology, touch screen operation interface;

◆ Pneumatic hydraulic technology, the equipment runs smoothly and quickly, and the repeatability is good;

◆ Precision manufacturing technology with high precision;

◆ Acid and alkali resistance, long-term use;

◆ Organic combination of quantitative cup quantification and vacuum pumping;

◆ 12 tubes synchronous adjustment;

◆ Lift the battery up and seat it.

Apply to small size  lead-acid batteries quantitative acid fiing, particularly for electric vehicle(bicycle) batteries .


1. Automatic and manual working mode;
2. Times of vacuum & acid filing and quantity can be set freely;
3. Users can set parameters of time at own wish .

Power source : 220V/50Hz

Gas source: 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

Precision of single tube acid : ≤± 0.5% F.S

12 tubes acid fillig consistency accuracy:≤± 0.5% F.S

Filling speed (small capacity): 240 pcs/h (12V7AH)

Gas consumption: 0.01 m³/min