Economical Multi-loop Charging & Discharging Machine

◆Microprocessor controlled, LCD display and can be connected with PC;
◆Convenient operation, programming, viewing,start, stop and other operations can be carried out through control panel, also can download program to operate;
◆Intelligent controlled can avoided the quality accidents such as over charge and over discharge;
◆Discharge feedback to power grid;
◆All meters and light indicators show directly the status of every loop;
◆There are self restore protection devices in loops.

Apply to medium and small  size batteries massiveproduction charge & discharge, especially for those batteries which not requires strict current


  1. The machine has the protect functions for overcurrent, over voltage, and anti pole, missing phase,short circuit protection features, etc ;
    2. The function of auto data saving & resuming whenpower cut off / on can be realized unattended;
    3. Free set of programs, different battery charge &discharge programs can be stored for production;
    4. More running methods of constant voltage ,constant current, constant voltage with limited current,constant current with limited voltage and time, standingby, and recycling;
    5. More operation as run. stop. pause jump andlifting disconnection etc;
    6. Auto loop detect system can deliver total outputcurrent based on detected loops ;
    7. Multi-computer network can share resources .8. Warn when charge line is disconnected.
  • Precision of voltage:≤±t 0.5% F.S
    ●Precision of current: ≤±1%F.S
    ●Precision of time: ≤10 S/24h
    ●Range of voltage controlled: 0.5%~ 100%
    ●Range of current controlled: 2% ~ 100%
    ●Minimum time interval data collection: 1 S