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C P     series
4.5Ah to 200Ah
                 List . .

CPG   series
30Ah to 1000Ah
                 List . .

CPD   series
12Ah to 60Ah
                 List . .

CPT   series
200Ah to 3000Ah
                 List . .

CPF    series
55Ah to 150Ah
                 List . .

CPH   series
7.5Ah to 24Ah
                 List . .

CPL    series
7.2Ah to 200Ah
                 List . .

CPHL series
7.2Ah to 65Ah
                 List . .
CPM  series
2.5Ah to 9Ah
                 List . .
CPFD  series
100Ah to3000Ah
                 List . .

CPVD  series
200Ah to3000Ah
                 List . .




























, CooPower Advantage



  Economical & Maintenance Free

        The CooPower sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries (VRLA) are leak-proof and maintenance free. The superiority of our batteries is derived from its uniquely efficient oxygen recombination technology. The oxygen evolved from the positive plates diffuses through the micro porous glass fiber mat to the negative plates where it is changed back to water by a recombination reaction, eliminating the need for the addition of water .The result is not only a maintenance free battery, but also a product chock full of other benefits. This saves you troublesome maintenance costs.

[ No Free Acid ] All of the electrolytes are absorbed into the positive plates, negative plates, and the micro porous glass fiber mat. There is no free acid inside the battery, therefore the VRLA battery can be mounted in any location.

[ Safe and Sealed ] The unique construction and sealing technology ensure that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or cases of any VRLA batteries.

[ Maintenance-Free Operation ] During the expected service life, there is no need to check the specific gravity of electrolyte or to add water.

[ No Corrosive Gas Generation ] There is no corrosive gas generation during normal usage, as gas generation during over-charge is recombined in an unique "oxygen cycle".

[ Gas Pressure-Venting System ] VRLA batteries are equipped with a safe, low pressure venting system, which automatically releases excess gas in the event that gas pressure rises to a level above the normal rate, thus ensuring no excessive build-up of gas in the batteries. Resealing is automatic once the pressure is returned to normal.

[ Long Service Life ] The use of heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anti-corrosive construction enables the CooPower VRLA Batteries to remain in float service about 5 years (6V, 12V series) and above 10 years (2V series), or expect between 250-1000 charge/discharge cycles depending on the average depth of discharge.

[ Long Shelf Life ] At an environmental temperature of 25≧(77F), the self-discharge rate of VRLA batteries is only 3% -(approx.) of the rated capacity per month. Lower storage temperature enhances shelf life characteristics even further.

[ High Discharge Recovery ] Special separators, advanced plate composition, and a carefully balanced electrolyte system have greatly improved the ability of batteries to recover from excessively deep discharges.

[ High Quality and High Reliability ] The CooPower VRLA battery has stable and reliable capacity. It withstands overcharging, over discharging, vibration, and shock. Our batteries are 100% tested on line for voltage, capacity, and seals.
[ High Power Density] CooPower VRLA Batteries save installation space, while providing full and reliable power. Many have been designed for high power output.

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