MTL--QPJ100 lead-acid gel battery fully automatic mixing system was successfully developed


Self-developed vehicle emergency starting power supply with a capacity of 64000mAH, 12V&24V diesel and steam dual-start


Xinkehua's first microcomputer-controlled energy-saving and environmentally friendly AC bus battery formation charging and discharging machine


The microcomputer controlled real-time data acquisition type battery formation charging and discharging machine was successfully developed


Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province and won the China Enterprise Management Achievement Award


Huizhou Xinkehua Industrial Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Xinkehua Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D and production integrated battery equipment manufacturer. Following modern management concepts, the company has established and improved a variety of quality assurance systems and after-sales service systems in the process of R&D, production, and marketing. In 2000, it passed the ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification and was rated as a private technology Guangdong Province High-tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises. Adhering to the concept of "innovation, pragmatism, excellence, and hard work", Xinkehua always leads the industry and strives to promote the upgrading of the battery industry. With the goal of an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly battery automated production management platform, Xinkehua is willing to develop together with friends from all walks of life , To create a brilliant new energy.

Huizhou Engineering Technology R&D Center

The company has a large number of experienced electrical, electronic and high-quality multi-professional and multi-disciplinary engineering and technical personnel. In 2007, it was named Huizhou Engineering Research and Development Center by the Huizhou Municipal Government. There are various professional factories under the R&D center, which can undertake the R&D and manufacturing of large-scale professional battery production automation equipment and testing equipment according to user needs.



Thousands of cooperative companies spread all over the world, including plate manufacturers, power battery manufacturers, and energy storage battery manufacturers that directly use our charging, acid addition, testing, assembly line and other equipment; there are wind and solar energy storage systems, communication base stations, large and small electric tools, etc. Related industries use our lead-acid batteries.